We are also now selling a lanyard, which has also been requested by our customers.
You can request the message which you would like to be printed on the card.

Liquid Level Indicator £12.50

These hang on your cup and vibrate and beep when your cup is almost full.

They are magnetic and height adjustable. 

Suitable for use with both hot and cold liquids.




NEW Lanyard £2.95

This handy landyard goes around your neck to aid in identifying you as someone with a visual impairment. Please contact us to request specific text.




Jumbo Playing Cards  £4.95

Standard sized playing cards with giant text, in red or blue patterned backs.


Pack Colour



Staedtler Handwriting Pens

These Staedtler fine plastic-tipped pens produce clear legible writing on our new improved paper.

Fine Black (single)  £2.30



Fine Black (pack of 10)  £16.50


Berol Marker Pens (Fine)

Fibre tips – 0.6mm line width. Black ink, ventilated cap, steady ink flow to produce a balanced colour laydown. 

Single  £2.20



Berol Marker Pens (Fine)

Pack of 12  £18.50



Berol Marker Pens (Broad) – 1.7mm line width. Black ink, Round-ended fibre tip that is hardwearing, steady ink flow to produce a balanced colour laydown.

Washable ink (from most clothing)

Ventilated cap

Single  £2.20



Berol Marker Pens (Broad)

Pack of 12  £18.50



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